Diyo Kho, BSN

Co-founder, CEO, CHRO

Diyo is co-founder, CEO, and CHRO of Focal Point. She graduated from Siena College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2010. She’s been an active member and volunteer of the Philippine Red Cross.

Her career progression in the U.S. Healthcare industry started in 2011 as an individual contributor in Blue Shield of California as Provider and Facility claims adjudicator.

In 2014, she joined UnitedHealth Group. She successfully trained and managed customer service teams. And had been in a leadership role implementing innovative strategies and procedures.

Currently, she also works as the Practice Manager at Cornerstone Psychiatric Care (CPC). With her experience in CPC, she went on to co-found Focal Point which uses a new model practice to integrate its services into the revenue management cycle for healthcare practices, especially those in the psychedelic space. She works diligently with both internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement strategies and workflows to improve Focal Point clients’ day-to-day processes, and in turn, helps her team deliver the mission of making the health care system better for everyone.