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Focal Point is a full service virtual support firm. This means that we are fully engaged in much of our clients’ daily tasks necessary to operate their businesses efficiently and effectively. As we handle the administrative tasks, our clients are able to focus on generating revenue for their businesses.

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Most non-clinical roles do not have to be performed onsite. We already have a talent pool of VAs available to provide you with the practice management services you are looking for.​

Virtual Assistant

Let our VAs take care of your time consuming tasks, to give you more time to focus on your practice.

Back Office Support

It’s your team. You have full visibility and control, without having to worry about facilities, operations and regulations. Build your team with us!


Insurance billing for:

Ketamine and Spravato

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Definitely. Focal Point provides services for multi-specialty practices and providers. Focal Point is a one-stop service for all of your practice’s needs: front-end (with patients), back-end (with insurance companies), and everything in between.
Yes! We are experts in ketamine/esketamine and general psychiatry, but we also provide services to all areas of medicine across the United States. We reduce the administrative and financial burden it takes to run a practice by offering multiple services, including virtual office staff, insurance credentialing, and billing services.
Yes, we can work with any marketing company’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform. If you hire us as a lead handler / patient coordinator you can provide us with account access which will allow us to respond to incoming clients, answer questions, and facilitate coordination.
Yes, CRM software usually allows your office line to be the main line while providing a series of extensions (different VoIP lines). If your CRM software does not provide this option, we can also set up a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) infrastructure for you. Think of this as a mini call center with more than one line to help organize your practice.
Because of our extensive experience with insurance billing, we are very familiar with medical codes. After our service overview call, we will discuss the services you plan to offer so that we can make sure the codes you need are in your payer contract before you sign. Many clients we work with are already in network or plan to stay out of network, and in any case, we can work on the solution that best fits your practice.
To reduce chances of denied claims, a Focal Point patient coordinator will verify the patient’s insurance information before a patient is seen by an in-network provider. The Focal Point billing team will work with your patient coordinator and team to provide rationale or solutions for any denied claims.
We don’t recommend any specific EHR, but we do find it helpful to have an EHR with its own clearinghouse. Focal Point will integrate its services with any EHR platform your clinic utilizes.
Definitely. The Focal Point patient coordinator / lead handler is well-versed in answering all patient questions related to ketamine/Spravato therapy. All Focal Point virtual assistants train at a US-licensed, REMS-certified ketamine/Spravato and general psychiatry practice and are vetted before hiring. Our virtual assistants undergo a competitive selection process based on their credentials and are known for their efficiency and adaptability. You will have the option to interview your Focal Point virtual assistant(s) before hiring to make sure that they are a good fit for your practice.


Our professional VAs will make you and your customers feel secure and well taken care of.