What Kind Of Contracts Are There?

The contract between you and your customer must clearly communicate:

“in which way the customer has to cooperate, which services are included and which are not. Otherwise, the virtual assistant faces significant legal disadvantages, a lot of trouble, lots of unpaid work and ultimately even liability.” (Source easycontracts.de)

With the contract you can ensure order beforehand.


You can read the terms and conditions e.g. place on your website. The terms and conditions are then pre-formulated contractual clauses that you do not have to negotiate every time for a specific offer.


The VA contract becomes necessary if personal data is passed on to third parties on behalf of the customer. This is 99.9% the case with us virtual assistants. When we create an online course, we come into contact with the customers, our customers. Therefore, you definitely need the AV contract.


This contract mostly comes from your customers. If he doesn’t have one ready, you’re welcome to send him one. Here you can simply download a pattern from the internet. Here you do not need a lawyer to create one for you.