Raffy Morales

Engagement Liaison

Raffy’s passion for event organization blossomed during his college years, where he pursued a degree in Marketing Management. Whether orchestrating a casual family gathering or orchestrating a product launch, planning became his forte.

His professional journey commenced in 2014 within the BPO Healthcare industry. Beginning as a member services health advocate at United Healthcare, Raffy swiftly ascended to the role of subject matter expert. After nearly five years, he transitioned to become a Senior Claims Analyst at a BPO company directly serving a hospital in Chicago, Illinois. During his tenure exceeding two years, Raffy amassed a wealth of expertise and knowledge.

Armed with this solid foundation, Raffy ventured into the Virtual Assistant (VA) industry, marking the inception of a new chapter at Focal Point Virtual Group, Inc. in October 2021. Currently working as the Intake & Scheduling Coordinator Lead at Cornerstone Psychiatric Care in Florida, Raffy’s primary objective is to ensure incoming patients have a positive experience and be a catalyst in “Clearing the Way for Better Access to Care”.

As his career evolved, Raffy embraced the role of Engagement Liaison at Focal Point. Here, he showcased his talents by organizing engagement activities for the Focal Point staff, collaborating closely with the BOS team. From virtual games to the annual Focal Point Kick-off party, Raffy remained dedicated to fostering a culture of work-life balance and engagement. He is committed to ensuring that the Focal Point team is thrilled about what awaits them beyond their work hours, while also fostering a culture of work-life balance and engagement where each staff member feels appreciated and valued.