Benjamin Ramos

Deputy Manager

Ben is currently the Deputy Manager at Focal Point, where he is dedicated to ensuring that his team members are fully aligned with the company’s objectives and equipped to overcome any challenges they encounter. With a strong focus on fostering collaboration and productivity, Ben works tirelessly to facilitate a conducive working environment for his colleagues.

Ben’s journey in customer service began in 2004 when he started as a Customer Representative handling telecommunications accounts. Over the years, he transitioned to diverse roles, including managing travel accounts and most recently, overseeing a healthcare account. Through these varied experiences, Ben has cultivated a wealth of expertise in people management, honing his skills in communication, problem-solving, and team leadership.

One of Ben’s core guiding principles is rooted in the belief that our purpose is to assist others and, if unable to do so, to refrain from becoming a burden. This philosophy underscores his approach to both work and personal interactions, as he strives to contribute positively to the lives of those around him. With a compassionate mindset and unwavering commitment to excellence, Ben continues to make a meaningful impact in both professional and personal spheres.