Amytiel Santibañez

Credentialing Lead

Amytiel is a highly efficient professional with a wealth of experience spanning back to 2017, primarily within the healthcare industry. Possessing a proven track record and unwavering commitment to delivering results, Amytiel consistently rises to the occasion when entrusted with tasks and responsibilities.

Having previously served as a Health Advocate Representative for a Fortune 500 US Health Insurance Company, Amytiel gained invaluable experience in delivering exceptional client experiences. This role not only honed her skills in client relations but also instilled in her a deep understanding of the importance of providing firm and reliable support to clients in need of healthcare services.

As a pioneer member of Focal Point’s Credentialing Back Office team, Amytiel showcases remarkable flexibility in leadership. She ensures that all Credentialing Specialists under her guidance are aligned and driven toward a common goal, translating commitment into tangible results for every client served.

Amytiel’s approach to leadership emphasizes the sharing of best practices and knowledge among team members. By capitalizing on these shared values and fostering a collaborative environment, she lays the foundation for success in the credentialing space. Her dedication to “Clearing The Way For Better Access To Care” underscores her commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes for all individuals.